quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

BB's Side

Sometimes I ask myself where I left my judgement
And then I realize that was in a bottle of wine
In a motel on the roadside
With cigarettes and pleasure to fill the night

And it was good
Good enough to answer
Who am I?
What makes part of me?
The good reason capable to cross limits

And it was everything planned since the beginning
No mistakes, sub-conscious working
Body to body, skin into skin
Breathing pleasure ‘till the last breath
I didn’t cross the edge of good sense
I was on other way but in the right road
That guided me to what I am now
Nothing's blurry, no regrets, everything’s clear

Clear enough to answer
What I’ve become?
What makes the best of me?
Am I the wild prey or the good reason?
Breaking limits, a box full of surprises

(hell life)